Leila Fanner

Python Dance 2018. Oil and oil pastel.
Python Dance 2018. Oil and oil pastel.

Leila Fanner is both a figurative and abstract painter and an illustrator. Her creativity is interwoven with her dreams and meditative visions. Using the natural world as her subject, she explores her relationship with the material realm from both a metaphysical and a spiritual viewpoint.

Leila held her first exhibition at the age of 23. Latest exhibitions include ‘A Thread Runs Through It’ at Hermanus Fynarts Show, a solo exhibition at Eclectica Contemporary in Cape Town and HFAS in New York and Washington. Her work has featured in British Vogue’s Gallery, Real Simple and Elle Decoration South Africa, and her paintings are held in private collections in South Africa, Germany, France, Kenya, England, Ireland and the USA.

Leila studied at the Johannesburg National School of the Arts.


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