Pictorex Print Studio


Since opening its doors in December 2015, Pictorex has formed a symbiosis with the local arts community, thereby further developing photography and printmaking as an art form.

Besides printing high-resolution photographic images, Pictorex digitises and produces quality prints of original artworks.
The fully colour-managed print-studio is run by printmaker William Walker, who attended the fine-art digital-printing workshop at the Brooks Institute in the USA under the guidance of master printers Mac Holbert and John Paul Caponigro.

During Solo Studios 2017, Pictorex hosted a group exhibition of the works of select resident photographers, including William and Mary Walker, Ad Goedhart, Rudolph Willemse, Maree Louw and Ivan Kirstein. Additionally, Ad Goedhart operated a photographic portrait studio for visitors to capture their visit to the valley.

Ad Goedhart
Ad Goedhart immigrated twenty years ago from the Netherlands.
He was educated at the Graphic Academy in The Hague in the Netherlands with a passion for fashion and industrial photography.
He lives in Riebeek Kasteel and specialises in portraits, working from his fully equipped studio.

William Walker
William Walker is a local Swartland landscape photographer. He is an expert in digital photographic printing. Prior to setting up in the Riebeek Valley, William attended a digital printing course at the Brooks Institute in Santa Babara, California.
His works exhibited include Riebeek Valley landscapes and night photography.

Mary Walker
Mary Walker concentrates on local birds, flowers and insects. In July 2017 she has again been included, for the second time in The National Geographic top 25 international bird pictures of the week. Mary plays an important role in the local soup kitchen project, alleviating the impact of poverty on children in Riebeek Kasteel.

Maree Louw
Maree Louw was born and raised in the Northern Cape and currently lives in the Swartland with her family. She loves film photography, especially Lomography, which uses cameras based on the Russian LOMO LC-A film camera that produces “unique, colourful, and sometimes blurry” images. Maree says, “it tends to soften the edges of reality and makes the mundane and harsh seem more poetic”.
Maree’s series is called “Watercolour - a beautiful mistake, Diana Mini Lomography, 2017”

Ivan Kirstein
Ivan Kirstein constantly explores new ways of creating what he calls ‘rural graffiti’ that celebrates diversity without following traditional boundaries or trends. His inspiration hinges on the premise of delivering a manifestation of unique creative expression on the outskirts of society that reflects our environment across a spectrum of media, including photography, painting, sculpture and print.
Ivan, who initiated local art-appreciation classes and documented the locals photographically, had his first solo exhibition in Riebeek Kasteel a decade ago. He has works in private collections in the Americas and Europe. Ivan studied art at the University of Pretoria, and has followed careers in the press,IT and advertising, living and working abroad.

Rudolph Willemse
Rudolph Willemse is regulatory specialist and legal and compliance director at a financial institution. Previously he practiced as a lawyer and worked in the areas of housing and banking and drafted various pieces of legislation.
Rudolph and Emma Willemse are the owners of Hoofstraat Conceptual, a venue in the Valley promoting conceptual art and acoustic jazz.
Rudolph has published two volumes of poetry: Kweekskool (1982) and Middelman (2005).
Rudolph’s photography includes abstractions of floors, walls, chairs, tables and pools


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