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Solo Studios – Intimate art encounters

an art investment emporium

This year’s event will be taking place over the weekend of the 18th – 20th of August 2023 in Arts Town Riebeek Valley, less than 1-hour drive from Cape Town.

The Hub

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Find us at the Riebeek Valley Wine Co Tasting Emporium, 34 Main Street, Riebeek Kasteel (not the Kloof Street location) 

This year’s feature film

Solo studio artists

Studio Artists

17 Riebeek Valley resident artists will open up their personal spaces to all the art lovers attending this year’s events,  to experience the work in the realm of the artists private studios.

Solo studio collaborators


Since last year, Solo Studios accepted the proposal to partner with non-resident artists to form collaborations. This has allowed more creators & artists to join Solo Studios, resulting in some captivating & dynamic exhibitions!

There are 8 collaborators this year! 

Solo Studios Galleries


This year, we have 8 galleries that will present their unique and curated experience for this years event. In addition to the four permanent public Galleries in the Riebeek Valley area, there are 2 Private Collections as well as 2 pop-up galleries that will be on display.

food & wine Solo Studios

Other events & activities

Apart from the art on display, you have the opportunity to experience our award-winning wines, including Joseph Dhafana, gourmet restaurants, the film Monomania, live music by the Winelands Philharmonic Orchestra, insightful talks, as well as guided art walks as part of this year’s event.


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