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In the heart of the enchanting Riebeek Valley, where rolling hills embrace the whimsical dance of sunlight, a tapestry of anticipation is woven.

This year’s event, a celebration of moments yet to unfold, whispers promises of magic and camaraderie. Set against the backdrop of nature’s symphony, this gathering is destined to unfold its chapters over the weekend of the 9th to the 11th of August 2024.

Just a fleeting hour’s drive from Cape Town, the rendezvous beckons, inviting kindred spirits to embark on a journey where time suspends, and the spirit of the valley comes alive. Let the serendipity of this rendezvous paint the canvas of our memories, as we weave stories beneath the canvas of the Riebeek sky.

Solo Studios 2024

Studio Artists

Riebeek Valley resident artists will open up their personal spaces to all the art lovers attending this year’s events,  to experience the work in the realm of the artists’ private studios.

Solo Studios 2024 collabs


Since 2022, Solo Studios accepted the proposal to partner with non-resident artists to form collaborations. This has allowed more creators & artists to join Solo Studios, resulting in some captivating & dynamic exhibitions!

Die KunshuisRK


Every year we have a collection of galleries that present a unique and curated experience for the event. It is a combination of permanent public Galleries in the Riebeek Valley area, Private Collections as well as pop-up galleries.

The Hub

Other events & activities

Apart from the art on display, you have the opportunity to experience our award-winning wines, gourmet restaurants, live music & performances, insightful talks, as well as guided art walks as part of this year’s event.

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Solo Studios 2024

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