Antoinette von Saurma

Seeking 2018. Graphite on paper. 29x40cm
Seeking 2018. Graphite on paper. 29x40cm

In large-scale pen-and-ink drawings on thin Japanese papers, Antoinette von Saurma reflects on fragility, transience and the strange beauty to be found in damage, emotional as well as environmental. She divides her time between a farm in Riebeek Kasteel, her ‘spiritual home’, and Munich, Germany.

Antoinette studied primarily as a painter at the Johannesburg College of Art. Her work expanded into murals, installations and some ceramics after she was exposed to contrasting cultures while living in Mexico, Britain and Germany.

Antoinette completed her master’s degree at the Munich Academy of Arts. She exhibits in Germany and the USA, and recently had a solo exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.


Klaus Piprek  • 074 209 6838  •

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