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Claudia Gurwitz

Spiny Cluster #2 by Claudia Gurwitz
Spiny Cluster #2. Oil on Canvas. 75 x 100 cm

Combining a taut, wound-up painting technique with bold, blown-up representations of vital structures, Claudia explores natural form. Although her painting stems from the strength and potency of plant forms, it challenges the notion of botanical art: it’s not about flowers or plants at all. The subject matter is almost irrelevant – the work is about form and structure, balance, contrasts and tension. Through careful observation in a micro setting, Claudia exposes the essence of the object, revealing its core.

Over the past year Claudia has been exploring the spaces surrounding the subject matter: the non-subject. By plunging into the negative space that encompasses each natural form, she captures the light between. Breaking down this space results in a revelation of texture, movement and vitality.

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