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Donker Jonker

Herman Jonker In die Pollsmoor van my kop

Donker Jonker is the poet persona of a writer who’s been living in the Riebeek Valley for a decade. His published works, which include five books and hundreds of magazine articles, range from dusty country humour to consistently carrying a torch for the earth.

Formerly a keen outdoorsman, he has been battling Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that’s seen him withdraw in long, lonely periods of depression.

With his Solo Studios 2019 contribution, Kopkamer, Jonker ventures into the light with the pain of this often-taboo subject. His stark and sometimes unsettling poetry finds further dimension in multimedia wall and installation works, as well as performance.

Friday 11h00-11h20 & 14h30-14h50  |  Saturday 11h00-11h20 & 14h30-14h50  |  Sunday 11h00-11h20
Open to Solo Studios Pass Holders only.

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