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Garth Meyer

Garth Meyer Pottery

Garth Meyer is a studio potter working from his home/studio/gallery in Riebeek Kasteel.

He has been a studio potter for twenty years, and his work covers all of the clay and firing spectrums. He has worked in terracotta, stoneware, and porcelain, and fired the work in raku, oxidation and reduction kilns. The work has a functional bias, though many pieces would only be used decoratively. He is a specialized thrower on the wheel with the capacity to produce very large works.

Garth has a teaching qualification, and a wide and varied business/farming background. He is a self-taught ceramicist, and his work has appeared in exhibitions at the Clay museum and other venues. Work has been acquired recently by a gallery in the UK and also by the Pretoria Museum of Art’s Corobrik Collection.


Klaus Piprek  • 074 209 6838  •  klaus@solostudios.co.za