Ivan Kirstein

Anticipation Precipitation 2018. Oil on Canvas. 91x61cm
Anticipation Precipitation 2018. Oil on Canvas. 91x61cm

After travelling extensively and working abroad, Ivan Kirstein settled in Riebeek Kasteel nearly twenty years ago. Here, he explores ways of creating what he calls ‘rural graffiti’, celebrating diversity on the outskirts without following traditional boundaries or trends. His inspiration hinges on capturing an honest, energetic expression of life across a spectrum of media and subject matter, from repurposed sculpting to bold landscapes and delicate figure studies. Ivan initiated local art-appreciation classes and has documented the locals photographically.

Ivan studied Art at the University of Pretoria. His first solo exhibition was at the (in)famous l’atitude in Riebeek Kasteel, and his works hang in private collections around the world.


Klaus Piprek  • 074 209 6838  •  klaus@solostudios.co.za

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