The Olive Branch Project

The Olive Branch Project Riebeek Valley

Olive branches have been used extensively from the times of ancient cultures as symbols of peace. Olives are an integral part of life in the Riebeek Valley. We have the quintessential symbol of reconciliation, peace, and surrender thriving in our soil. Yet, the need for reconciliation is pertinent here. Creativity, another resource that thrives in the valley, is a powerful healing tool. We have everything we need to heal our community.

OLIVE BRANCH is a community project that actively engages and involves all residents of the Riebeek Valley in collaborative performing and visual arts projects, with the intention of sharing our individual stories and co-creating new ones.

The Olive Branch Project’s creative space is the Riebeek Valley Museum. Olive Branch would like to invite visitors into our creative space to experience some of the process of developing raw performing and visual arts talent.

Visitors would be able to engage as much or as little with the exhibition as they choose. Some may wish to just wander through, look at the exhibits, watch a bit of the rehearsals and workshops and then repair to the bar. Others may like to get more directly involved through sharing a story at the Olive Branch Table, joining the art and / or performing workshops for a while or getting their hands dirty making costumes, jewellery, sets and props. Olive Branchers would be on hand to provide information and answer questions about the project and promotional material would be available for visitors to take away.