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'Works on Paper' 2019

Participating Solo Studios artists were invited to submit work on 100 x 70 cm Fabriano paper. The theme was open ended and works span a spectrum of media, subject matter and styles.
The artists created and donated these works as their contribution towards funding the event. Some of the work is still available and represents a rare opportunity to acquire an original work by one of our resident artists.
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We Live Here 2018

An unique initiative by participating artists to promote the Solo Studios 2018 event. Artists created En Plein Air paintings from the surrounding areas, resulting in an unique opportunity to acquire collectable artworks depicting the Riebeek Valley.
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Limited Edition Wine & Art Box Set 2018

A collaboration between boutique wine maker Stompie Meyer, sommelier Joseph Dhafana and Solo Studios artists Claudia Gurwitz, Gordon Williams and Louisa Gerryts. The artists were commissioned to create a label for a Reserve Edition of Force Majeure wines, specially produced for the Solo Studios Limited Edition Box Set.
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The Linocut Project 2017

The Solo Studios Linocut Project was an initiative of seven artists participating in the annual Solo Studios 2017 event. It was André van Vuuren who came up with the idea of a joint printmaking project, mainly as a way for artists to learn from and inspire each other.
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