Raymond Oberholzer

SHOOT: Digital video title still
SHOOT: Digital video title still

Multimedia artist Raymond Oberholzer will be exhibiting SHOOT, a large-scale wide-screen video projection accompanied by powerful sound that offers a visceral but thought-provoking re-presentation of cinema’s aestheticised vision of gun violence. Using digital media to orchestrate clips from a range of films, and juxtaposing them with sound, music, motion graphics, stills and typography, Raymond both interrogates and celebrates the art of film-making by drawing attention to what film shows us as well as how it is shown.

Raymond has exhibited at FotoZA in Johannesburg, Hout Street Gallery in Paarl and 3RD i Gallery in Cape Town, and has contributed video and media works to digital-art festivals in Europe and the UK. He has a Master’s Degree in film and media art from Leeds University.


Klaus Piprek  • 074 209 6838  •  klaus@solostudios.co.za

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