Spier Arts trust

The Creative Block, administered by Spier Arts Trust, represents more than 260 professional artists from across South Africa and invites professional artists to participate in this artist career development opportunity.

The project provides a fun platform for experimentation, with many emerging and established artists continuing to participate.


Artists receive blank blocks to transform in the media of their choice. They attend hand-in days in person to receive critique and to sell their blocks.
More than 31 000 of the best blocks have been bought from around 400 professional artists across South Africa. 
Each unique artwork is an expression of an individual artist’s story, subject matter and style. When displayed together, they create a rich expression of contemporary South African culture. 
Spier Arts Trust
spier arts trust

The Creative Block is perfect for new collectors. You can start on a small budget and discover many artists of diverse practices, adding stunning original artworks to your art collection.

When work is accepted by the curator, artists are paid immediately according to the number and size of blocks. The size and associated price of Creative Block artworks are set, regardless of artist tenure or medium.

Each Creative Block carries a short artist biography on the back. This allows the artists to enjoy significant exposure as these artworks are displayed around the globe, travel to art fairs and are in the collections of private owners, patrons and corporate offices.

We invite you to see how a collection of Creative Blocks displayed together becomes a newly created, single ‘work’ that honestly and sometimes brutally expresses contemporary South African society.

Spier Arts trust