Tanya Majó

Tanya Majo Birchwood Collage
Birchwood: Collage 180 x 40cm

An escapee from the urban world, multimedia artist Tanya Majo’s 10-year love affair with the Riebeek Valley has enabled her to reconnect with nature: taking time to be still and absorb the landscape is fundamental to her process.

She works with a variety of materials and across various disciplines and scales, from micro 3D boxes in her Karoo series to the macro of oversized collage. She tells big stories using modest elements: her plein-air-style pastel and paint landscape ‘snapshots ’give intriguing clues to an unseen scale.

Tanya holds qualifications in graphic and interior design, and in her previous life as a corporate entity worked with giant international brands. In 2009 she co-curated and exhibited in Riebeek Kasteel’s ‘POP’ Group Exhibition.


Klaus Piprek  • 074 209 6838  •  klaus@solostudios.co.za