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Solo Studios The Art of Wine 2018

This exciting event for wine-lovers will be curated by Joseph Tongai Dhafana, one of South Africa’s leading sommeliers and a rising star in the world of wine.  The programme includes wine talks and tastings by the new generation Swartland wine makers and a curated wine auction by Joseph Dhafana.

The highlight being a collaboration between boutique wine maker Stompie Meyer, sommelier Joseph Dhafana, and Solo Studios artists to produce a bespoke gift box set of only 100, containing 3 bottles of wine and a signed print of the original art works.


* Please note: Wine Tasting & Talks incurs a surcharge - see below

Venue: The Olive Boutique

A series of talks and wine tastings by the new generation maverick young wine makers of the Swartland.

SATURDAY 12h00 - 12h45 & SUNDAY 11h30 - 12h15
Ryan Mostert & Samantha Suddons
But is it art?

SATURDAY 14h00 - 14h45 & SUNDAY 13h00 - 13h45
Stompie Meyer
Wine, naturally

SATURDAY 16h00 - 16h45 & SUNDAY 14h30 - 15h15
Joseph Dhafana
Curating the experience - memoirs of a sommelier


* Tickets for Talks and Tastings R70 per person. Available at registration and the venue (The Olive Boutique). Max 30 people.

Stompie Meyer, Ryan Mostert & Samantha Suddons.

Swartland wine makers Stompie Meyer, Ryan Mostert & Samantha Suddons.

Dhafana Mosi Wines Auction Solo Studios 2018


Venue: The Olive Boutique

Saturday 11 August 17h00 - 17h30

A rare opportunity to secure the full range of Mosi Wines, and to share in my journey of hope. This special case - containing some wines with stock less than 10 bottles left from the maiden vintage - will be auctioned at Solo Studios and 50% of the proceeds donated to charity. It's a dream and I look forward to share it with the highest bidder! As always, I am nothing without your support! Thank you Klaus Piprek for allowing me to help those in need.
Joseph Dhafana

The special case on auction contains the full range of Mosi Wines: Syrah 2014, Syrah 2015, Syrah 2017, Merlot 2017, Chenin Blanc 2014 (4 stars Platter Guide) and Chenin Blanc 2016.

Stompie Meyer

The son of a dairy farmer, maverick winemaker Stompie Meyer famously found "drinking wine far more pleasurable to drinking milk" during his agricultural studies at Stellenbosch University. He is a leading proponent of "alternative" wine making: organic farming practices and unaltered wine making processes - natural, unfined, unfiltered. Stompie has his winery at Hermon in the Riebeek Valley, and includes Force Majeure, Mother Rock and JH Meyer Signature Wines in his portfolio.

Joseph Dhafana

Joseph began his meteoric rise in the industry as a wine steward in Riebeek Kasteel, and barely 10 years later he is head sommelier at La Colombe restaurant in Cape Town and produces his own wine under the Mosi Wines brand. Joseph was a founding member of the Black Cellar Club (BLACC) and in 2018 will captain Team Zimbabwe for the second successive year at the World Blind Tasting Championships in France. As recently as July 2018 Joseph became one of only 7 certified sommeliers in South Africa.

Ryan Mostert

Self-confessed wine geek Ryan began his journey into wine off-chance on a visit to Switzerland when he met a local wine merchant. Encouraging Ryan to pursue his interest in wine, he began studying wine making in Piemonte, Nothern Italy. In 2010 he moved to South Africa and began working for organic & biodynamic pioneers Reyneke in Stellenbosch. In 2014 Ryan was introduced to fellow wine-lover Michael Roets and thus began the journey of the now Terracura Wines.

Samatha Suddons

Samantha studied History of Art at York University in the UK. In 2010 when she moved to South Africa with Ryan Mostert, she realised her passion for wine and the overlaps between art & wine itself. She worked as a sommelier at Terrior & Aubergine restaurants before joining Ryan at Reyneke Wines for 3 years. She then worked with Chris & Andrea Mullineux in the Swartland and the Swartland Independent Producers. Now Samantha is managing director of Terracura Wines.

Force Majeure Wines

A collaboration between boutique wine maker Stompie Meyer, sommelier Joseph Dhafana and Solo Studios artists Claudia Gurwitz, Gordon Williams and Louisa Gerryts. The artists were commissioned to create a label for a Reserve Edition of Force Majeure wines, specially produced for the Solo Studios Limited Edition Box Set.

Force Majeure Box
Force Majeure Shiraz 2017
Force Majeure Red Blend 2017
Force Majeure Chenin Blanc

The limited edition of only a 100 bespoke gift box sets, containing 3 bottles of wine and signed prints of the original art works, will be available at the Olive Boutique during the weekend.

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